Saturday, 23 August 2014



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  1. So, was it any good?

    You betcha!

    I LOVED that!

    If the rest of this season follows that template then we're set for the best one since the reboot as far as I'm concerned.

    Capaldi nailed it. The moment he started talking to the tramp (Mr Sarah Jane Smith, Brian Miller) I was properly hooked by his interpretation. And then that scene in the restaurant with Clara - Chemistry!

    Ben Wheatley and Doctor Who clearly go hand in hand. I've always appreciated Wheatley's TV work (Ideal) and have been fascinated and impressed by his divisive cinematic work (Sightseers is brilliant, Kill List and A Field in England too, despite being extremely controversial) and its clear he gets Who and what direction the show is going in. I was also pleased to see his repertoire of actors too; Graham Duff, Tony Way and, brilliantly and unrecognisably, Peter Ferdinando as The Half Face Man, a brilliant nemesis for The Doctor - who definitely lied by the way ;) - The rep continues next week too with Michael Smiley and Ben Crompton.

    Was not expecting Matt to turn up at the end but that was just brilliant, a lovely touch in an episode full of clever, wonderful things. I loved the Scottish independence in joke, all the Scottish things in fact, the moment where Capaldi challenges the belief in the promised land (very Tom like!) his ability to go from sarky, to comedic to unsettling and abrasive, the karaoke and mime line, and the beautiful work done by Jenna and McIntosh, Stewart and Starkey grounding everything, and I really liked what Moffat did with the whole veil/faces thing...but yes, Capaldi IS The Doctor