Monday, 11 August 2014

Theme Time : New Order - Making Out

Making Out was a brilliant drama about the lives and loves of a group of women working the production line at Manchester's New Line Electronics. 

Written by Debbie Horsfield from an idea by Franc (Quadrophenia, Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Masterchef) Roddam, the show captured the essence of working class life in the north west under Thatcher, with many men on the dole queue bringing up the kids and keeping the home whilst their wives took to working instead. The show ran for three series on BBC1 from 1989 to 1991 and was compulsive viewing, as well as making household names of actors like Margi Clarke, Brian Hibbard, Shirley Stelfox, Tracie Bennett and Keith Allen to name but a few.

The series was filmed in and around Tameside, with the iconic former cotton mill Tame Valley Tower Mill, Dukinfield standing in for the girls workplace, New Line Electronics

In keeping with the series proud north west heritage, the music was provided by what was then Manchester's biggest band, New Order, who supplied an incidental and modified version of their song Vanishing Point 

Annoyingly, the BBC have never seen fit to ever release Making Out, neither on video or DVD and it has never been repeated. It's therefore a mark of just how well loved it was and how quality it was that it is still fondly remembered by viewers of a certain age.

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