Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Right to Protest

Whatever your view on the current hostilities between Israel and Palestine, I feel that we must never forget that in this country we have a democratic right to stand up and say when we feel something isn't fair.

We have a right to protest.

In Manchester presently, demos are taking place against companies that are deemed complicit in the Israeli state's illegal occupation of Palestine, including the Kedem Dead Sea cosmetics store on King Street who source products from land which saw ethnic cleansing and a continued barring of Palestinians. 

But Greater Manchester Police and Richard Lease, leader of the council, are trying to stop people protesting about the massacre in Gaza. They're trying to deny us the democratic right to protest.

Manchester has had a long and valid history of protest that has secured justice and freedom for many. Just last week we commemorated the anniversary of Peterloo, where 13 people died because the establishment believed it wrong that people had the right to stand up and be counted.

It should never ever happen again. Protesting is a lawful, legal right and a duty.

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