Monday, 11 August 2014

The Portfolio Shuffle

This blog's particular bete noire, Esther McVey (the cunt) is now, as you all know and somewhat laughably (given she believes stripping people of benefit and forcing them into poorly paid jobs they're not fit enough to work at is in fact 'liberating' people) the government's employment minister. In her remit at present is all the responsibilities the former minister for disabled people Mike Penning had.

However one of  the responsibilities that, traditionally, an employment minister has is the overseeing of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 

Crucially perhaps was the fact that Environmental Health News submitted questions to the DWP last year regarding McVey's suitability given she had previously served as a director of her father's construction business (now closed) which had breached safety regulations four times, the health and safety at work act three times and was ultimately served with several prohibition notices.

As a result McVey passed all HSE matters to...yup, Mike Penning, in whose remit such matters rather oddly sat. It was Penning who applauded the HSE's expertise and suggested it could serve internationally as well as announce a record low in workplace fatalities.

The DWP of course claim it is standard practice to reorganise portfolios following reshuffles. So will HSE be 'reorganised' away from McVey again? And if not, why not?


  1. The problem with these people is that they never really go away. They simply regenerate and come back in a different form... a bit like Dracula, really.

    1. Call me a blinkered idealist but I keep catching myself thinking 'Tories, seriously did we actually let them back in?' Something so archaic, so of the past with NOTHING to say or offer anyone but bad news returning is a bit like finding out TB is still rife

    2. I sometimes think that too, but then I also ask myself whether it's really all that surprising when genuine alternatives are non-existent. Labour are all but identical to the Tories in terms of ideology and policies, plus they have that whole unfortunate illegal war thingy hanging over them, and the Lib Dems... frankly, even the BNP are more principled than them, in the sense that at least you know what you're getting if you vote for that shower of bigots.

      I apologise for diverting yet another political post on to the issue of Scottish independence, but the way all three main unionist parties banded together to rule out a currency union was very revealing in terms of just how deeply in bed the three are with one another, in spite of the Punch & Judy show that plays out in the House of Commons. In the three years since the referendum was announced, they've been unable to agree on a single extra power they'll give to Scotland after a No vote, and yet they were able to quite happily work hand in glove to tell us what we CAN'T have. Whatever happens in September, I know I'll never vote for any of them again in any election, and I'm grateful I actually have other options. (For the record I've never voted Tory or Labour, though I voted for the Lib Dems several times.) I've said it before and I'll say it again: England, particularly the North, needs a new left-leaning social democratic party, because Labour and the Lib Dems certainly aren't going to step up to the plate.