Saturday, 16 August 2014

Enough Said (2013)

Whoa, hold on to your tits, because what we have here is a romantic comedy that is not only both romantic and funny but is mawkish sentimentalism free, so it doesn't make you cringe in that way that even some of the glossy better quality yet still stereotypical romcoms do. And more than that, it is relatable in a way that most romcoms aren't (yes, even those glossy better quality yet still stereotypical ones) and still more, it focuses on the unrepresented middle ground of cinema; the 40 and 50 something divorcees hoping to find The (Next) One.

Is that Enough Said

It's a sweet, heartfelt comedy of love's rocky road and the social errors and etiquettes singletons find themselves traversing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a past master on this terrain thanks to her award winning performances as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld and, more recently, Selina Meyer in Veep, but its James Gandolfini who surprises and impresses with a more tender and amiable performance that the material requires. That such an actor who had so many sides to offer, many of them barely touched upon, has been taken so soon is a real tragedy. Together they have a natural chemistry that makes their relationship such a believable and great watch at both its highs and its lows. Who'd have thought Elaine Benes and Tony Soprano would get it on?!

Enough Said may be a smidgen contrived but its central performances help us to overlook that, leaving the viewer feeling rather charmed as a result.

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