Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sack Blair as the Middle East 'Peace Envoy'

Friday 27th June will mark the seventh anniversary since former PM Tony Blair became a so called Peace Envoy. It's time to make Ban Ki-Moon realise that his role is nothing more than an insult to the Middle East which makes a farce out of the UN.

Here's 7 reasons, one for each year Blair has had in the role, why he should be removed.

1. His illegal invasion of Iraq destroyed Middle Eastern society.

2. He has a blatant and consistent bias towards Israel

3. He refuses to provide anything meaningful for Palestinian people

4. It's unclear where his envoy work ends and his personal business interests begin

5. His work as a 'peace envoy' has seen him call for more wars, in Syria, Iran and now Iraq again.

6. Families in occupied territories can barely feed their children but envoy Blair enjoys Jerusalem's top hotels, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

7. Blair hires himself out to advise autocrats, tyrants with histories of human rights abuse.

He needs to go.

Sign the petition here to make your feelings known and to make a difference.

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