Thursday, 10 July 2014

RIP Zohra Sehgal

The name may not instantly ring any bells with you, but her face will...

Veteran Indian actress Sehgal has passed away at a Delhi hospital following a cardiac arrest today at the grand old age of 102.

Sehgal had an eclectic career starring in such films as My Beautiful Laundrette, Bhaji on the Beach and Bend it like Beckham, whilst her TV work included roles in The Jewel in the Crown, Tandoori Nights and appearances alongside William Hartnell in two Doctor Who stories; The Crusades and Marco Polo in 1964 and '65 respectively.

Speaking on her 102nd birthday, Sehgal had these inspiring words to say;

"I am preparing myself for death. When I go to sleep I try to keep smiling.So that when I die, I have a smile on my lips. I want an electric cremation. I don't want any poems or fuss after that. And for heaven's sake, don't bring back my ashes. Flush them down the toilet if the crematorium refuses to keep them. If they tell you that I am dead, I want you to give a big laugh" 


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