Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Police Spying

Sukhdev Reel's son Ricky was just 20 when he was found dead in the Thames after being racially abused by two men.

The police informed her and the family that they would never be able to properly establish the cause of Ricky's death and that it must have been an accident. Undeterred, the Reel family fought for a proper investigation, to get justice for Ricky. Because of this, the police - the very organisation who should have been on their side, supporting them in their grief - spied on them.

The Reel family weren't alone. The families of Cherry Groce, Stephen Lawrence, Jean Charles de Menezes, Rolan Adams, Michael Menson, Joy Gardner, Harry Stanley and many more have all been victims of underhand and vindictive snooping from this so called democratic societies police force. All because they sought justice for their dead loved ones. The police are supposed to investigate criminals, what crime did these grieving families commit? 

This is a disgusting betrayal of trust and a failure to support the families of victims. As a result of this coming to light Sukhdev Reel has started a petition demanding that the Home Secretary Theresa May seeks an apology from the Metropolitan Police and to not only take action on any wrongdoing but also to promise such activities will no longer occur, that an assurance will be made that justice campaigns will be consulted when drawing the terms of reference for the inquiry - slated for next year - eventually takes place and that the families will be provided with Legal Aid to ensure proper representation.

Please sign the petition here and visit the campaign's website here

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