Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Isn't it ironic/alarming,/hilarious/downright fucking infuriating (delete as applicable) when you find your input on a site that calls itself a community in a section called 'chat' is deemed to be offensive simply because it's not necessarily one the offended party wishes to hear.

When they point out they take your opinion personally and express anger at you for having the audacity  to have raised it in the first place yet when you try to defend your position they tell you they're not offended and that you're the one taking it personally.

Really? Tell your fucking attitude then.

When you state facts and find that that somehow offends someone, because heaven help the truth getting in the way of someone's hard on for something right?

When you support your opinion with personal experience only to find that irritates the person because they seem to believe they have the monopoly on personal experiences in life; seriously this is the kind of person who has to find a link with every possible tragedy imaginable. Someone died, they met them once et bullshitting cetera.

Well excuse me for having life experiences too.

What it boils down to I fear is a certain person cannot tolerate their word being challenged - especially when that challenge is put across relatively eloquently and insightfully (if I do say so myself) and comes from a bloke. There, I've said it.

I really do have to wonder why someone continues to participate on a site that is supposed to encourage debate and discussion when they solely want to air their views and their views alone and accept comment from their single crony and no one else.

It really must be a very small and narrow life to lead. Perhaps that's why all the lies and delusions exist, to fill such a life up?

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