Friday, 11 July 2014

Labour, Return to Your Core Values and Support Struggling Workers

Ed Miliband, the man some call 'Red Ed', the man who once claimed he was 'bringing back Socialism' is the leader of a party which is supposed to give political force to the labour movement but in fact continues to ignore the conditions of the working man and woman in this country. 

Labour need to make a stand and side with the struggling workforce taking industrial action which they hope will protect them and their families against the cost of living crisis; the biggest problem facing millions in this country today.

Stop pretending Ed and start walking the walk. Who knows, you might just get some supporters back and solid votes in your favour next year.

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1 comment:

  1. Ed (red? more like a dull pink) is a colossal disappointment, but unfortunately as long as the UK insists on using a broken electoral system whereby a handful of votes from the Tory-friendly Home Counties determine the outcome of any election, that's all we can look forward to from the Labour party. About the best alternative we're going to get is someone who delivers the same message in a slightly slicker manner.