Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Theme Time : Jules Gibb - Up The Women

Up The Woman, Jessica Hynes' sitcom about the Suffragette movement, made its debut as a short three episode series on BBC4 on the 30th May last year and will return for a second series on BBC2 in the near future.

Hynes initially came up with the idea of a comedy film about the women's suffrage movement after reading about the plot to assassinate the PM Herbert Asquith. However, when she came to research it she found it too dark and that her writing of it had become 'a probably quite dull tediously worthy drama' Turning instead to the idea of a sitcom, Hynes created the fictional world of the Banbury Intricate Craft Circle and their desires to be part of the suffrage movement.  A glorious ensemble piece of gentle comedy, the first series of Up The Woman has gone down in history as being the last sitcom performed before a studio audience in Television Centre, shortly before its closure.

It fell to Mancunian singer/songwriter Jules Gibb to provide the theme tune and there really was no better choice; Jules, a renowned acapella singer, had initially wrote Nana was a Suffragette for her grandmother and it has gone on to be performed all over the world by many acapella groups.

The video of the song here is a montage dedicated to Alice Hawkins, the leader of Leicester's Suffrage movement.

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