Sunday, 15 June 2014

Out On Blue Six : Rik Mayall

Following the sudden death of comedy god Rik Mayall on Monday, fans looking to pay tribute began a campaign to get his 2010 World Cup anthem Noble England to Number 1 in the UK Charts this weekend. The campaign was the brainchild of John Morter who previously got Rage Against The Machine to the Xmas number 1 spot over The X Factor's Joe McElderry in 2009.

The good news is the song that previously failed to chart during the last football tournament has smashed its way into the top 10, reaching number 7 this evening.

The song consists of a speech delivered by Mayall from Shakespeare's play Henry V. Back in 2010, Rik said "The battle was basically very few Englishmen against the rest of the world. When you hear the speech delivered in a gutsy way it makes you go 'Yeah right, bring 'em on, let's do it' rather than 'How nice, what a lovely piece of poetry'....Football chants are one of the great traditions of following football and Shakespeare is also part of our national heritage. It seemed only natural that they should go together"

So here it is...

Last night's opening England game against Italy was less than victorious - we lost 2-1 despite some good forward attacking play (for a change) - but who knows, with Rik's song in the top 10 it might help spur us on?! ;)

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