Thursday, 19 June 2014

Girls With Guns

Carey Lowell in Licence To Kill


  1. I always liked her in Licence to Kill. The character is inconsistently written (a few too many whiny temper tantrums for my liking), but think Lowell is great in the part, and verrry easy on the eyes (particularly after she has her short hair makeover).

    And of course there's her terrific wank joke (at least that's what I choose the believe it is):

    1. Knew you'd appreciate this post ;)

      Yes the character falls into the same trap of trying to be more than one thing; a professional in her own right, and the generic helpless Bond girl. For an assured agent, there is a little too much whining!

      And yes, I take that as a wanker joke too! Love that bit, though was always amused to see it got an inclusion in the Gladys Knight video for the theme tune! Like, did they not get what it was??

    2. Glad it's not just me, then! I assumed she was calling Bond a wanker on my first viewing and have never been able to see it any other way.

      Ms Lowell has clearly drunk from the fountain of youth, BTW. She still looks great in her 50s:

      And I REALLY need to do a post about the two Dalton Bonds.

  2. And yet Richard Gere still left her, the fool!

    And yes, yes you do!