Saturday, 24 May 2014

Withdraw the Police Caution on a 19 yr old with Downs Syndrome

A new petition is currently on that I ask you to consider signing.

Last Bank Holiday Abdulkarriem AL-Faisal, a 19 year old with Downs Syndrome of Haringey, spent nine hours in police custody and received a caution for burglary.


Because he tried to get his favourite baseball cap from school that day by climbing through a window, which set off the alarm.

Abdulkarriem's mother found out about the arrest after calling the police to report her son missing. At the station she found him in tears and clearly terrified. He reported to her that he had been kicked by police officers, forced to the floor and kneed in the back.

Abdulkarriem is a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties AND a heart condition.

When the lawyer arrived at the station he was not allowed to attend to his client in the cells. It took nine hours, the intervention of the lawyer and the school's head of disability learning support to get Abdilkarriem released. The police made him sign a caution for burglary, which means he will have it on his record.

Now personally, I'm not suggesting that what Abdulkarriem did was misguided and foolish (though understandable given his circumstances), I'm not even saying the police should not have intervened, but its the way they went about it which sounds particularly brutal and unnecessary. Such force, to me, sounds totally unwarranted - did they see his age and skin colour before they saw his disability? Equally unwarranted is the caution; surely when the full situation came to light there should have been allowances made?

Overall, I think the whole situation stinks and if you think so then please sign the petition to get the caution withdrawn from Abdulkarriem's record here

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