Thursday, 22 May 2014


The European Elections are held across the country today. It's not a General Election no, but its still very very important. Please take the time to cast your vote. People fought for your right to vote. Some died for your right to vote. And some, even in this day and age, still do not have that right in many corners of the world. So please, use that right and use it wisely. 

And just to keep it retro

In other news, last night I was performing on stage in a political satire about the coalition govt (by way of Peter Pan!) set up by Collective Encounters and Other Ways of Telling, a performing arts group for the improvement of health and social wellbeing. It was great fun and a wonderful opportunity to volunteer my services too - though after three nights of seemingly endless rehearsals plus the actual show itself, I'm fair knackered now!

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