Friday, 23 May 2014

Theme Time : Alison Moyet - Playing The Field

Playing The Field was a BBC1 Drama that concerned the lives of a Yorkshire based all female football team, the Castlefield Blues, which ran for five series from 1998 to 2002.

Written and created by Kay Mellor (with scripts from Sally Wainwright too) the series was inspired by Pete Davies' novel I Lost My Heart To The Belles, a book which looked at Doncaster Belles ladies football club. Set in South Yorkshire, the series featured a great ensemble cast including Lesley Sharp, Lorraine Ashbourne, Melanie Hill, Marsha Thomason, Debra Stephenson, Jo McInnes, Saira Todd, Tracy Whitwell, Ricky Tomlinson, James Nesbitt, John Thomson, Tim Dantay, James Ellis, Elizabeth Spriggs, Brigit Forsyth, Ralph Ineson, Chris Walker, Lee Ross and Nicholas Gleaves - the latter two being McInnes and Sharp's real life husbands respectively. A few of the girls looked rather fetching in their football kits (McInnes, Whitwell, Todd, Stephenson and Thomason especially) and often, given the levels of nudity in the programme, out of them too!

The theme tune was provided by former Yazoo singer Alison Moyet. The song, Blue, was originally penned for the singer's beloved Southend FC, with lyrics tinkered slightly for the programme which you can compare with the original version here...

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