Monday, 26 May 2014

The Farage Mirage and the Recall Scam

This cunt is laughing today. But he's laughing at you; because the joke is on you if you voted for his ridiculous right wing Tory reject party.

Because what was it exactly that you voted for?

I'm fed up of hearing how UKIP voters are just as fed up of being painted as bigots, scared of immigration or simply not understanding the issues raised by the election. Because that suggests these voters knew what they were voting for.


Go and look on the UKIP website (if you can stomach it) and tell me just what policies they have.

They have none. They trade on fear, racism and right wing values. And that's it.

Their site is full of what they're against, but there's precious little of what they'll actually do.

Where are their actual policies?

Did you know that they hold the NHS largely in contempt and that such hard fought privileges that we presently enjoy such as maternity are things they are keen to change for the worse or dispense with altogether?

Of course you didn't. Because that means actually taking time out to do some researching into just what it is you're placing your precious vote - something people fought and died for and something which many are still not entitled to have - for.

And why do that?

Remember, this is the party whose own leader admitted to never reading its manifesto at the last election.

If you voted UKIP last week you were sold on this Farage mirage. You voted for one reason only; an unreasonable fear and hatred of anyone living in this country who isn't British.

And I despair that such a voice is now being heard in the UK. Because that isn't my England. That isn't my England at all. We are clearly living in different worlds, never mind a different country.

Nigel Farage may be laughing, he may be claiming he is now the leader of the nation's third party, but he's someone who would crumble at the first sign of any actual responsibility, because he stands for nothing but contempt.He has no policies and until he does, he'll always be outside the tent pissing in - the position he's happiest in, the position he's always wanted to have.

On the plus side, at least the odious Nick Griffin of the BNP lost his MEP seat here in the North West.

* * *

MP's need to regain our trust, says today's Telegraph.

Well, amen to that.

MP's can fiddle their expenses, go to gaol and break every promise they've ever pledged to us and we can only get rid of them on election day. 

This is wrong and a bill is currently in the offing to 'recall' MP's, to sack them, if they misbehave.

Sounds good eh?

Wrong. Because its taking the power away from the constituents, us, and placing it solely and squarely into government's hands. 

Real recall is giving us the power to demand by-elections to get rid of MPs. This is far more democratic, this keeps the power with us. Please sign the petition to get Cameron and Clegg to think again  here

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  1. Well said, sir.

    The media and the mainstream political parties must shoulder their share of the blame for what has happened. They're the ones who've created this monster -- a monster over which they have no control and which is shaming the whole of the UK.

    That said, looking at the election results in the likes of France and Greece, I suppose we're not exactly alone. The Germans, it seems, are the least racist EU country.

    Signed the petition, BTW.