Sunday, 25 May 2014

Silent Sunday : Winter of Discontent

Just an idea cribbed from my friend Cait's 'Wordless Wednesdays' posts. Basically, just a chance to post some striking photography that doesn't require words or explanation, beyond the image itself and the title.


  1. Aw, glad you like the idea. I pinched it myself from another blog (though I can't remember which one it was, it was years ago).

    Look forward to seeing which images you choose for your Sunday posts. This is a fitting one with all the election talk this week.

    1. It's such a good idea, especially as it will effectively shut me up for at least once a week!

      Yeah I figured go with something retro yet fitting for this week. Kinda feels like we're reliving that period of British modern history anyway given the state of the country right now.