Thursday, 15 May 2014

Richard Griffiths : Whoops Apocalypse

A great moment and clear Brezhnev parody from the satirical sitcom Whoops Apocalypse which aired on ITV in the early 80s and was written by David Renwick (One Foot In The Grave) and Andrew Marshall (2 Point 4 Children) It starred Barry Morse as a Reaganite President, Peter Jones as a Labour PM who thinks he's Superman and John Cleese as the international terrorist Lacrobat, alongside the late great Richard Griffiths as Soviet President Dubienkin, both mk1 and mk2 as the hilarious clip will make clear...


  1. Did you ever see the large format paperback book written by Marshall & Renwick to tie into the series? Done as a 'factual' book about the state of the world, it's basically the background to the story of the series. There is a biography of Johnny Cyclops (an old friend of his says that the actor was "The best looking man in Hollywood....after Charles Laughton") and a full filmography with reviews that range from "Effortless family entertainment" for his first movie to a more concise "Crap" a few films in.
    The bit that sticks in the mind is the stuff about the middle east. The latest hard-line Mullah has taken over after his predecessor has been put to death for blasphemy. His predecessors crimes were..."Walking through the streets of Medina dressed as Aquaman, referring to the ArchMullah as 'Spats' and forcing his wives to spank their bottoms to the tune of "Mr Bojangles" !

    1. Oh no, I never knew that existed! Will have to try and seek that out. Thanks!