Thursday, 8 May 2014

Out On Blue Six : Lorraine Ellison

Because, as I type, ITV has just shown The Boat That Rocked - one of my all time favourite films - I thought Out On Blue Six should mark the occasion with one of the most significant songs upon that excellent soundtrack. The beautiful, honest voice of Lorraine Ellison, Stay With Me Baby...

It has to be the umpteenth time of watching this wonderful film. I saw it on release day at the cinemas in 2009, the week I was made redundant from my favourite job in point of fact, and I can hand on heart say the film has never palled with each viewing. It continues to impress, amuse and entertain. I could never review it, it means too much to me. I love it too much.

Rock and roll!

End Transmission


  1. I love Lorraine Ellison's Stay With Me Baby and have since the 1960s, but the version used over the end credits in The Boat That Rocked is a modern version by Duffy (whatever happened to her? - oh yes Adele got her career...). Likewise I also love David Bowie's Lets Dance, which is also used at the end, but thats not part of the 60s time period of the film, being an early 80s number.

    1. All this is true but you'll find Ellison's version IS in the movie, with Chris O'Dowd's character mouthing along to it rather passionately immediately after he'd been dumped on his wedding day. Let's Dance was used to suggest the later great music the pirates couldn't play following the passing of the Marine Defences Bill but would still be wrote and would be played by the (some) 299 music stations that exist in the UK as a result of the nation's need for rock and roll ;)