Sunday, 25 May 2014

Leigh's Ladies : Elizabeth Berrington

Elizabeth Berrington

Number of filmed Leigh projects: Four from 1993 to the present day (plus the theatre revival of Abigail's Party in 2002)

Wallasey born Elizabeth Berrington is currently on our screens stealing each scene in Chris Addison's enjoyable new sit-rom-com Trying Again on Sky Living but her first ever role was as Giselle in Mike Leigh's Naked in 1993, followed by Jane in Secrets and Lies three years later and in 2004, the role of 'Cynical Lady' in Vera Drake.

In between these Leigh film roles she played the lead role of Beverley in the 2002 revival of his seminal Abigail's Party at the old Hampstead Theatre to celebrate its 25th anniversary and to commemorate the closure of the old venue.

It was a performance that The Telegraph claimed was played with "such assurance that every nauseating attempt at sophistication, every thinly veiled put down and ill judged note of bonhomie seems to reach us as though for the first time"

Berrington has just completed a fourth filmed performance for Leigh as a 'Lady Critic' in his most recent project, the biopic of the artist JMW Turner in Mr Turner, and you can see her briefly in the trailer here...

Away from Leigh, Berrington has had and continues to offer a very diverse and entertaining catalogue of roles including playing opposite Alison Steadman as Marie Antoinette in the French and Saunders historical sitcom Let Them Eat Cake, Ruth in Jimmy McGovern's The Lakes, the awful Anne in the final episodes of Ricky Gervais' The Office, Cherie Blair in Stephen Frears' The Deal and Paula in Stella, as well as roles in The Rotters' Club, The Street, A Cock and Bull Story, In Bruges, Psychoville, Waterloo Road, The Crimson Petal and the White and the Alan Partridge movie Alpha Papa.

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