Friday, 2 May 2014

GLC: The Carnage Continues!

Watched possibly my favourite Comic Strip Presents film again last night, GLC: The Carnage Continues

I just love this one, it gently mocks my politics, it's fucking hilarious, it has a great cast playing a great cast playing a great cast of characters - got it? OK, there's... Robbie Coltrane as Charles Bronson as Ken Livingstone, Peter Richardson as Lee Van Cleef as Tony Benn, Dawn French as Cher as Joan Ruddock and Jennifer Saunders as Bridget Nielsen as Thatcher, 'The Ice Maiden' a cruel green blooded, blade handed alien Goddess oppressing the UK!

Then there's the fact that it genuinely looks like a cheap Hollywood action blockbuster from the time and of course a cracking soundtrack from the blessed Kate Bush - I defy you not to want to dance to this...

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