Friday, 16 May 2014

I Worry About My Readers Sometimes


Well take a look at some of the searches that have brought a discerning net surfer to my blog in the past 24 hours

Oh dear.

Now to be fair, you can see why such a word search has brought someone here. I do post pictures of bums and pictures of people who would easily be considered hot. I also post about politics. I know, it's a rather schizophrenic blog (but what can you do?)

But never the twain shall meet!

I can only wonder what dismay said searcher experienced when he realised my opinion of Esther McVey was not that she was hot nor indeed in any way appreciative of any of her alleged 'skills' and 'talents'.

You'd think the fact that I tag her as 'Esther McVey the cunt' would be explanatory enough.

But worryingly, I do wonder what sort of person watched Question Time last night and saw McVey on it (these searches have all been done in the last 24 hours) and thought not, 'Jesus what a heartless smug and vapid Tory bint', and instead thought 'Cor, she's hot! I'd love to see her arse'

Sorry to disappoint. For me McVey is an arse.


  1. Replies
    1. It wasn't you then Michael? ;)

    2. Alas no. I'm more of an Ann Widdecombe man.*

      * That was a joke, lest anyone was in any doubt.

    3. Ah I see, you're more of a big tit man. In which case, the entire cabinet should be attractive to you ;)

  2. It always amazes me some of the things that bring people to my blog. For some reason variations of 'hot girl porn' seem popular, in which case they're obviously going to be very disappointed!

    1. Phew not just me then!

      I get tons of Game of Thrones traffic now, thanks to Gwendoline Christie's previous life as a nude model