Thursday, 15 May 2014

BarLOW Can You Go?

Getting a bit fed up of hearing the calls for Take Prat's 'musician' Gary Barlow to return his OBE in light of his tax dodging. 

He shouldn't give his OBE back.

He should be giving the money he ferreted away from the Inland Revenue back.

And we should be taking his OBE off him!  It shouldn't be his choice.

OK he didn't do anything strictly illegal, but it was dishonest and, as the above shows, it was hypocritical.

His fans and he can safely count David Cameron and the Tory cabinet (the odious Esther McVey is currently defending him on Question Time as I type) among that number are defending him by saying his OBE was for all his charitable work and is therefore a 'separate thing'. Well by that token anyone with an honour coming up in the Operation Yewtree investigation - including the dead bastard Sir Jimmy Savile - should be allowed to keep their honours too, because by and large they were given for their charitable work.

Do we really want that? I know I don't.

Once again we're seeing one law for one group and a totally different one for another.

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