Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Alan Bennett at 80

Starting on Saturday night, BBC4 will be hosting a season dedicated to Alan Bennett to celebrate the great man's 80th on the 9th May this year (Friday).  

The season of programmes will commence at 9pm Saturday with Alan Bennett at 80: Bennett Meets Hynter, an interview between him and the NT director Nicholas Hynter followed immediately by two plays from his Talking Heads series, A Chip in the Sugar and Bed Among the Lentils.

On Sunday Bennett's brilliant play about the chance meeting between actress Coral Browne and the notorious spy Guy Burgess An Englishman Abroad, also at 9pm and a showing of his documentary Dinner at Noon at 10:30.

The season resumes on Tuesday evening with another Talking Heads play, Lady of Letters at 9pm and then at 9:30pm 102 Boulevard Haussman, his acclaimed play about Proust.


  1. Its great to see some vintage Bennetts on tv again, I shall be tuning in, though I have the full Talking Heads dvd pack. The great man was doing a book signing on my birthday back in the 90s, so he inscribed it Happy Birthday to me.

    1. Agreed, it's always time to rejoice when TV deigns to put plays on be they old (like this season) or new (like Sky Arts Playhouse Presents)

      I must admit I'd have liked this season to be a little more extensive, it's been some time since Intensive Care or One Fine Day have been on TV, and it seems a little odd that An Englishman Abroad gets a screening without its veritable partner in crime, A Question of Attribution, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.

      That's wonderful, I bet you treasure it!

      Thanks for stopping by Michael.