Thursday, 3 April 2014

Yashika Update

As some of you may know from news reports or from emails from if you signed the petition I highlighted, Yashika's battle to remain in the UK ended unsuccessfully last night. She was forced onto an Air Mauritius plane with two guards to ensure she would not struggle.

However, thanks to the campaign, a family in Mauritius have come forward and promised to take Yashika in and look after her, whilst the campaigners continue to find her secure accommodation and a way in which she can finish the education she was so cruelly uprooted from, just weeks before its conclusion.

Another petition is now available to sign at Change, headed by Meltem Avcil, who supported the Yashika campaign having been detained at Yarl's Wood herself aged just 13.

Meltem wants Theresa May to end the unfair detention of women seeking asylum. She believes its important and possible to create a detainee process which treats women who have suffered and survived rape and torture with dignity and humanity rather than just further cruelty and harship.

If you believe that's important and possible to, please sign her petition here 

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