Friday, 25 April 2014

Out On Blue Six : Sleeper

Back in the 90s, I rather liked Sleeper and that may have had just as much to do with Louise Wener's good looks as it did their good music. I've just read Wener's memoir's Different for Girls which I thoroughly recommend as a well written, self deprecating and funny take on growing up in the late 70s and 80s, taping Top of the Pops and the Radio 1 chart rundown on a little cassette machine, and then hitting the big time in the 90s and appearing on both those shows.

It's also wonderfully candid about the britpop indie scene in general and the likes of Blur (arrogant), The Boo Radleys (boring and habitual), Chris Evans (a tyrant), the Shooting Stars and Never Mind the Buzzcocks cast (Ulrika's unfriendly, Jonathan Ross vain), music journos (even more boring and habitual than The Boo Radleys) and the record companies (ruthless and uncaring) in particular.

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