Monday, 14 April 2014

Out On Blue Six : Pet Shop Boys

End Transmission


  1. We love the Pets, still going strong and releasing new material and touring, touring, touring. I love their 2009 O2 concert and their Glastonbury one, with those new versions of West End Girls and the like. The songs, the videos, the imagery, the concerts, those great B-sides ..... I have seen them at least 4 times live, and they never disappoint.

  2. They're a great sound of the 80s, and I don't mean that unflatteringly or to suggest they're only of their time, it's just that they helped create that sound and helped shape the impression of that decade - 'Lets make lots of money' anyone? hehe! I think this is my favourite of theirs, but I love West End Girls and Nothing Has Been Proved from Scandal as well as their work with Dusty in general.

  3. John's a big Pet Shop Boys fan too. Not quite my mind of thing but I've got used to listening to them in the car. They've got a very distinctive sound.