Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Looking Up Old Friends

As BBC2 celebrates its 50th, I find myself watching once more one of the finest dramas the channel has ever put out. 

1996's Our Friends In The North was seminal appointment television. I was engrossed first time round and, having it watched it a couple of more times down the years and again now, I'm equally just as engrossed.


  1. No question there. I rewatched the whole thing just after Xmas and it's a perfect model of TV drama. Literally flawless. Compared to the current crop of flaccid, painfully slow dross it shimmers...

  2. Absolutely. I remember a review at the time which said something like enjoy, because we won't see this like again. They were right. White Heat was good the other year but for sheer depth, intelligence, excellent structure and overall scope it had nothing on this.