Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eye See

I got a letter in the post last week saying it had been two years since my last eye test. So, off I trundled today for an appointment at the opticians where I was told that my eyesight had got a tiny bit worse, meaning I needed new glasses or, at the very least, new lenses in my existing frames.

This is the end result of every check up I have ever had.

And I suspect its the same end result for everyone.

I mean, has anyone ever turned up for their regular check up to be told that their eyes have remained exactly the same?

Is this all just some big con that opticians of the world secretly indulge in to get our money and thus keep their business going??

Incidentally, the optician was very, very attractive which made staring into one another's eyes rather awkward! 

Fit opticians, like fit dentists, should not be allowed. We're already vulnerable enough in their hands as it is!

Apologies to any opticians in advance!


  1. They do actually. My prescription has remained unchanged for about ten years - but I do know what I mean about the awkwardness of attractive opticians. I've been in the same situation. An eye check is a close proximity almost intimate experience and prolonged eye contact is one of the dead give-away signals of sexual attraction....

    The killer moment though came though when at the end she ticked off the last box on her chart looked it over and said: " Well, you've got pretty good eyesight - for a man of your age..."

  2. Ouch! That's got to hurt

    But on the other hand, you're incredibly lucky with your eyesight at least :D