Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Miners Strike : 30 Years On

One of the TV highlights of the past week was the ITV documentary The Miners Strike and Me, a vivid account of the 1984/85 strike told from the point of view of those who fought on the front line, those who lost their jobs but never their belief in solidarity.

The hurt and damage Thatcher caused ran through each account in the most heart rending way, whether it was Russell Broomhead's recalling being beaten around the head by a policeman's truncheon until it broke at Orgreave (caught on camera) or Stephen Wyles talking about how his own father still refuses to speak to him for crossing the picket line. It was poignant, deeply affecting stuff.

It was January this year that the 30 year rule saw the release of some official government documentation which revealed all along that Scargill was right; the Tories had planned all along to close 75 pits, they simply chose to lie to us about it and make the miners suffer.

A petition is currently online demanding an enquiry into the actions of Thatcher's government. Please consider signing it here We've been treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on shit) for too long. It's time now for the truth. 

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