Monday, 31 March 2014

Smoking Hot

Vicky McClure.

You've got to love Vicky McClure - just a brilliant and fierce young talent

Going out to my mate Michael, who I know is a big fan :D


  1. You know my tastes well, Mark. Well, maybe not so much the smoking, though in Vicky's case I might be prepared to make an exception. :P

    1. I guess I'd find you here ;)

      Have to say smoking doesn't 'do it' for me either, but its' quite a niche in the photographic/modelling market that's ripe for plundering on my blog!

      But yeah, you'd make an exception for Vicky! Did you know she has an hermaphrodite dog?! She says 'she's very confused, bless her' I can imagine!

    2. I did read that somewhere, yeah. I think everyone should have a hermaphrodite dog!