Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Save BBC3!

Please sign this petition save-bbc3 asking the BBC to reconsider the possible decision to close down BBC3 as a live broadcast channel and move all output to their online iPlayer service.

I know many perceive BBC3 as a rather loud and obnoxious 'Yoof' TV station squarely aimed at 18-30 year olds but if you actually consider it the station is much more varied than that with a genuine commitment to tackling the big issues in society via their documentary department. Last year's Mental Health Season for example was scheduled across the BBC, but it was BBC3 who had the best programme in that season with their look at the work being undertaken at Manchester's McGuinness Unit for adolescent mental health.

Don't Call Me Crazy (see the BBC3 homepage here) was a stunning, heartbreaking series whose broadcast deeply affected all those who saw it. A true highlight of broadcasting last year. 

Don't let the BBC throw away this commitment to depicting the issues that matter.

Please sign the petition.

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