Thursday, 6 March 2014

Petitions Do Work - Paddy Power Rapped

Great news; the petition I blogged about regarding Paddy Power's offensive ad campaign regarding the Oscar Pistorius trial has succeeded and the ad has been dropped following a record 5,200 complaints (including one from yours truly) to Advertising Standards. The petition itself has received more than 122,000 signatures so far.

Read about it here... - paddy power article

Remember this; petitions and campaigns do work. With that in mind please consider signing the petition to save BBC3 as highlighted on this very blog last night; Save BBC3 It has been confirmed that the BBC plan to axe the channel to make way for a BBC1+1 channel (essentially repeating everything on 1 an hour behind) and add an extra hour for CBBC, relocating all BBC3 programming to the iPlayer service, despite many BBC licence fee payers being unable to upload or access the iPlayer.

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