Sunday, 2 March 2014

Out On Blue Six : Tom Jones feat Art of Noise

I love the story about the recording of this; how Tom sang the lyric 'Woman and girls rule my world' to which the producer stopped the recording and reminded him that the lyric Prince wrote and sang was actually 'Woman not girls rule my world' Tom replied that he knew that, but that he 'didn't want to leave anyone out' haha!

End Transmission


  1. Hi Mark,
    Discovered your blog this evening while looking for pictures of Keeley Hawes... it totally sucked me in. Really enjoy the content, keep up the great posts!

    1. Hi, thanks so much for saying that! I'm sure you've found what you were looking for in the shape of those now famous 90s nudey modelling shots! ;)

      She's currently playing a blinder in the second series of Line of Duty - engrossing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by