Friday, 28 March 2014

Fight For Yashika

Instead of being at school preparing for her forthcoming exams, Yashika, a top student at Oasis Academy Hadley, is currently detained at Yarl's Wood detention centre and facing deportation.

Yashika and her family fled to the UK from Mauritius two years ago when their lives were under threat. Yashika is now 18, an adult, and Theresa May MP has decided to separate her from her family and send her back 'home'

To deport an 18 year old schoolgirl, uprooting her from her mother, brother and sister is heartless. To do so just weeks before exams that will complete her education is just plain cruel. To do so on Mother's Day is just adding insult to injury.

Yashika was due to be deported on a BA flight on Tuesday. But BA is alleged to have refused to fly her.

Now Air Mauritius is set to take her on Sunday. 

Please consider signing the petition organised by Yashiki's teacher and fellow pupils HERE

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  1. Update from campaign:

    Yashika’s flight has been cancelled today!

    After the news that she would be on the 5pm Air Mauritius flight from Heathrow, we came together. We inundated the airline with phone calls, tweets and emails, putting a strain on their website and call centres. Today we woke to the news that Yashika will not be on that Air Mauritius flight this afternoon.

    But she is still being held in Yarls Wood detention centre. The Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire MP, has not responded to the public's outcry. He has the power to intervene. If enough of us message him on Twitter, he will be forced into reviewing Yashika's case.

    Click here to send the Minister a message on Twitter.

    Over the last week we have shown how powerful we are together. They tried to board Yashika on British Airways and failed. They tried to board her on Air Mauritius and again, they failed. We will continue to fight for Yashika to finish her exams in the UK, no matter what they throw at us.

    Thank you for your continued support for our friend.

    Zoe Thompson along with Yashika's friends and students of Oasis School.