Sunday, 23 March 2014

Colonisation of the Poor

Colonisation of the Poor was a photograph taken by social issues photographer David Hoffman in 1970s Britain.

The sentiment displayed is still painfully relevant today.

I cannot understand why the government insist on their bedroom tax bullying (or 'spare room subsidy' if you want to use their apologist term) turfing the sick and disabled out of homes they have lived in all their lives whilst houses are lying derelict and empty.

A couple of years ago the job I worked at took me to Edge Lane in Liverpool on a weekly basis. Edge Lane is the road into the city (then luxuriating in its Capital of Culture status) and as you can see from the photo above, the road was just one long stretch of boarded up large Victorian houses, with a 'pending demolition' tag on them.

It stinks that houses are allowed to go to rack and ruin when there are people out there clamouring for the basic need of a roof over their head. 

Maybe I'm too naive but surplus houses lying dormant seems to be the answer to the problem of both homelessness and the overcrowding that the likes of IDS and his odious Tory cronies believe warranted the introduction of their bedroom tax in the first place.

Why boot people out of their own 'under occupied' homes when there's plenty of houses for all - if the govt actually stump up the cash for renovation that is.

It's the rise of the idiots again.

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