Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Trees Lounge (1996)

Where everybody knows your name...

Trees Lounge has often been cited as a film about alcoholics. But the more astute would claim that there's more to it than that - it's a film about failures. A film about fuck ups. 

I'm not an alcoholic ('I can assure you officer, I've only had a few ales') but I can admit to being a little fucked up. I relate to this film because the low or the rut, whatever you want to call it, those characters are in are places I'm not afraid to say I've been to in my time - in fact I think I have a season ticket - and I think many of us have found ourselves there once in a while too. The majority of us have found ourselves drifting from time to time, watching life pass us by and knowing that this isn't really how it's supposed to be but just getting by all the same. If you haven't you're a) very lucky and I wish you all the best and b) this probably won't be the film for you.

Trees Lounge is less a film more an observation of a selection of downbeat lives over a space of time and the mutual solace they seek hanging out in the titular bar. A classic indie (which, like Jack Goes Boating which I watched and recently reviewed on here, doesn't just slap on the indie quirks. It's more real than that) it's not the best film out there, but it's saying something and that's the kind of film I like.

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