Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Theme Time : Stu Phillips - Knight Rider

Knight Rider was Glen A Larson's take on a modern day The Lone Ranger with a sci fi twist. It ran from 1982 to 1986 and was a global hit. It also made perma-tanned perm haired smarm bucket David Hasselhoff a star. Unfortunately.

But the car was really the star, KITT was an AI near indestructible customised 1982 Pontiac Trans Am voiced by veteran actor William Daniels (who was starring in St Elsewhere at the time)

The quality of the show was indifferent to corny but the music was brilliant. Stu Phillips, take a bow

It would later go on to influence the Panjabi MC bhangra track Mundian To Bach Ke

Knight Rider is a franchise that never seems to want to go away, no surprise really considering the germ of the idea is quite a strong one. The show was cancelled in 1986 but a pilot for a new series entitled Knight Rider 2000 appeared in 1991, there was a 1994 film entitled Knight Rider 2010, a new spin off series in 1997 called Team Knight Rider which lasted for one season, followed by the latest guise, a 2008 pilot and subsequent series entitled simply Knight Rider. Since 2002 been talks of a cinematic feature film with names like Ben Affleck and Orlando Bloom being attached over the years. As I type the latest word is Danny McBride and Chris Pratt are in talks for a comedic take on the series in a similar vein to the recent 21 Jump Street movie.

But comedy and Knight Rider has already been done, by Frankie Boyle in his series Tramadol Nights...

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