Sunday, 23 February 2014

Theme Time : Massive Attack - House, MD

House MD (or just plain House as it was known here in the UK) was a US medical drama series that ran from 2004 to 2012 and gave British comic Hugh Laurie a turn in his career that no one - certainly not on these shores - ever expected. 

The series theme tune is a bit of a strange one, in that it all depends on which country you watch it!

In America the theme is Massive Attack's 1998 hit Teardrop. But in Europe and in Singapore the theme is a vague approximation of that song and a distinctive soundtrack in its own right.

To prove it, here are the opening credits from each territory

And here are the full length versions of each theme; US, Europe and Singapore (though, oddly in the UK I think we eventually saw the programme with all three themes as the show was subsequently bought and broadcast by various different channels, starting with Hallmark, then Channel 5, then Sky and then various cable channels!)

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