Sunday, 2 February 2014

Oblivion (2013)

I struggle with Tom Cruise. I don't really like him but....he keeps making movies I want to see and some that I even really enjoy.

Let's look at the evidence; The Color Of Money is one of my favourites (largely for Newman though) then there's Valkyrie, Vanilla Sky, the MI series (well ok, the first one) Interview With A Vampire, Eyes Wide Shut, Legend, Collateral and most recently Jack Reacher in which he was totally miscast (the role requires someone of an Eastwood stature and persona) but enjoyable enough.

Oblivion was another film I wanted to see.

But not for Tom Cruise.

I wanted to see it for the wonderful Andrea Riseborough.

But it's hard to watch a film just for one actor, especially one who has third billing. Because what you get is an attempt on your part to concentrate simply on her brilliant talent and her beautiful looks and gorgeous Jesmond voice and all the while here comes Tom Cruise popping up on the sidelines, hogging the screen with his smiley demeanour like the Word Paper Clip office assistant.

"Hello. It looks like you want to watch a Tom Cruise movie. Would you like help?"

I'd like you to not be in it.

"It looks like you're male. Do you want to ogle Olga Kurylenko? She's supposed to be the eye candy

Ugh. No, fuck off Clippy Cruise!

"Would you like more information about scientology?"


Anyway, I watched something that was visually mightily impressive and very glossy with a nice score from M83 that evokes a tonal memory of the director Joseph Kosinski's previous (and surprisingly better) effort Tron Legacy, but Oblivion is ultimately redolent of too many far superior dystopian visions in film and literature that had got there first. Oblivion, just like Cruise I suspect, doesn't have a soul.

Andrea Riseborough was good, of course. But I'd prefer to see her in smaller films with bigger hearts, messages and intelligence, ie British films rather than popcorn blockbusters.

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