Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Merseyside Hate Crime Model Needs To Go Nationwide.

Please consider signing the following petition asking Theresa May to roll out the Merseyside Hate Crime model across the UK.


This will allow the police a change in the way they work with vulnerable woman like sex workers and help keep them safe.

The petition was started by the mother of Bonnie Barratt, a 24 year old mother of one and sex worker, who was murdered by one of her regulars, who had a history of violence towards girls in the sex industry.

It is baffling that this model, in practice in Merseyside since '06 and proven to work (in 2010 alone it secured a conviction rate of 67% for rape, against the national average of just 6.5%) hasn't gone nationwide yet.

It's a no brainer. Please sign.

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