Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Wave Superheroes (and other business)

Fantastic art project from Butcher Billy at which takes post punk and new wave artistes and turns them into comic book superheroes

Other Business: You may recall how I said I had planned to serialise the novel I co-wrote in 2009 on this very blog, and indeed you may have read the first installment on Tuesday. Well regrettably, my scanner has crashed making transcribing the thing the only option. An option I don't really want to take right now as it'sjust too time consuming. Apologies for the prick tease *rolls eyes*


  1. Those. Are. Fucking. Brilliant. Message ends...

    1. Aren't they just? His stuff is really good

  2. I know, I followed your link. It's a good job I've no wall-space free or I'd be destitute in a week. Curse you, you lefty saboteur!! :)