Thursday, 30 January 2014

Great Scot

Bill Forsyth

I love Bill Forsyth films specifically the trio he made in the 1980s; Gregory's Girl, Local Hero and Comfort and Joy. You'd be hard pressed to find a better teenage romantic comedy than the first, a better feelgood film than the second and the third is one of my annual Christmas treats.

They're also films in a distinctive Scottish vernacular, a wry whimsy that is distinctly Forsyth and of course they gave mainstream audiences a succession of other great Scots including, to name just a few, John Gordon Sinclair, Clare Grogan and Dee Hepburn in Gregory's Girl, Peter Capaldi in Local Hero and Bill Paterson in Comfort and Joy.

And you can see Comfort and Joy on Saturday late night in the BBC2 schedule. It's a month late for the Christmas broadcast it should have, but who's quibbling - a screening of it at all is quite a rarity. I thoroughly recommend it!


  1. I was hoping for the clip from Comfort and Joy where Bill Patterson comes back to his BMW to find icecream cornets stuck all over the upholstery. That or the live recording session for the icecream van jingle (hello folks!)... :)

  2. "Play something for my Ma Dickie?"
    "What like Memories are Made Of These that sort of thing?"
    "Aye, that'll do"