Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Time Of The Doctor : Review

 Warning: This blog post contains...
So if you haven't seen it yet, DON'T READ!

So farewell then Matt Smith. For me, the finest interpretation of The Doctor since the relaunch. I was sad to see him go (and that sadness was multiplied ten fold when we got to see Karen Gillan's surprise cameo - oh hello, lump in the throat) but I think he got a fitting send off. 

The youngest actor to play The Doctor thus it, it was always apparent that he played it very much as an old man trapped in and glorying in the body of one so young, as such it was equally fitting that we got to see him play properly old before he left.

And hello Capaldi. One of my favourite ever actors (I've been fortunate enough to see him on stage and he's electrifying) gets to play one of my favourite ever characters and he seems to have made his mark in just a few seconds, and scared and annoyed some viewers immediately (I say viewers, I do of course mean idiots. 'He's too old' they wail, 'Him and Clara won't work, he's too old for her' blah blah blah...clearly these are people who have never watched Hartnell, Troughton or Pertwee in the role who were all in their 50s or late 40s when playing the role and therefore are not fans)  For me, I loved his intro, although 'new kidneys. I don't like the colour' is a bit silly.

Speaking of silly, there was the Dalek eye stalks popping out of people's heads - I've never liked the Dalek slave idea, we coped for many many years without this so why start now? - and the easy fix all of Orla Brady's character managing to keep her 'inner Dalek' and her death at bay. Just silly really. 

But everything else was perfect. An elegiac send off to Smith that nicely incorporated a fittingly sombre Western theme. Not since Logopolis has a regeneration episode felt so funereal throughout its entire duration and, with so many paybacks (Weeping Angels, Slitheen, Terileptils, The Silence, the Seal of Rassilon and of course Amy's crack fnar fnar) it felt steeped rightly in the programme's lore.

Oh and this lovely moment has turned up on Youtube, David Bradley recreating the infamous breaking of the 4th wall from The Daleks Masterplan episode, The Feast Of Stephen (the only festive episode of the original series)


  1. I really enjoyed the episode - with the exception of the Return of the Pond(s), although I think I'm the only one who feels that way. I will miss Matt Smith very much - I adored David Tennant and I'm rewatching Christopher Eccleston and I love him, but something about Matt Smith's Doctor is so joyously charming with an empathy and determination previous Doctors have barely scratched the surface of.

    I will miss him, but I am so excited to see how Peter Capaldi plays the role. I found the kidney comment quite amusing!

    1. The wonderful thing about Matt was he knew to play it like an old man and a small child at the same time. He knew his inner 7 year old, and I loved that. It was totally infectious.

      Tennant nailed the role but the stories never appealed to me after Rose went because RTD refused to let the show move on. It all went a bit too emo and after a while I couldn't wait for Tennant to bugger off. Indeed when that abortive regen (which now counts in the canon) occurred I was perhaps the only one out there wishing it went full term!

      I did find the kidneys line funny but all the same a bit too forced silly. Not as good or as natural as 'new teeth'

      I loved Eccleston. But then, a Manc Doctor...what's not to like? ;)