Sunday, 22 December 2013

Out On Blue Six Xmas : The Flying Pickets / Al Green & Annie Lennox

Two songs that could be argued aren't Xmassy but they do figure around this time of year. The first, a cover of Yazoo's Only You, was a Christmas number 1 in the UK in 1983 for The Flying Pickets, a socialist a cappella group of singers and actors fronted by Brian Hibbard. It became an anthem for the miners during the strike of 84 and the group did much to support the miners in their struggle.

The second is from the 1988 Christmas comedy movie Scrooged starring the great Bill Murray (which was on Channel 4 this afternoon) It's a cover of the Jackie deShannon 1968 song, Put A Little Love In Your Heart

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  1. I've got a brass band version of Only You on my computer, and it's brilliant. When I was about 13/14, our school choir (I was still an alto - it was before puberty properly took hold!) did a brilliant a capella version of it.

    1. It's quite amusing and heartening that little choir boy Eliot even at that tender age enjoyed some left wing slant singing that one ;)

    2. PS You can't beat a good brass band...a real Northerner always has a soft spot for a brass band

  2. Oh I know. Can't even get through the opening titles of Ground Force without welling up with pride! ;-)