Thursday, 12 December 2013

Message from Alana

In October, Alana Inness started a petition for her brother James, a 25 year old with Down's Syndrome, who following cuts to social care budgets faced eviction from his home.

She started a campaign to raise awareness of his plight and you may remember I posted a link to the petition here on this blog asking you to sign it here.

100,000 people signed the petition and the Inness family met with David Cameron and senior council staff to present their concerns. James did eventually move out of his home but, thankfully, he continues to receive the vital care he requires in a new home. 

In doing the petition, Alana became aware of people going through the same problem or highlighting the same fears and concerns and, as a result, she has decided to start a new petition ahead of the Care Bill debate on 16th December which asks all party leaders to pledge a commitment to ensure that no more disabled or elderly people fall through the cracks in the care system. 

Please sign this new here petition it's vitally important that we stop overlooking or worse, deliberately acting against the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society.

A video message