Monday, 2 December 2013

Jeremy Hunt : If At First You Don't Succeed...

...Change the law to suit your needs!

This is absolutely sickening. Lewisham A+E have fought and won the Tory cabal time after time and still they refuse to comply and respect the public's desire to see this much needed resource continue to serve the community. Yes, Hunt the Cunt is at it again.  Please read the following letter and sign Louise Irvine (the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign's chair) petition, thank you.

The Save Lewisham Hospital campaign and thousands of 38 Degrees members stopped health minister Jeremy Hunt from closing services at Lewisham Hospital. Thousands chipped in to take him to court, and we won.

Hunt appealed the decision - but he lost again. So now, having been told twice that he acted illegally, he's trying to change the law! 

He wants to bring in a 'hospital closure clause' to give him new legal powers to shut A&E's like Lewisham. If he gets this through, none of our hospitals will be save from his meddling or closure.

The hospital closure cause will soon be voted on by MPs. We need to persuade enough of them to vote against it. A huge petition will show MPs that the public don't want them to give Hunt new powers to shut down hospitals.


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