Friday, 6 December 2013

Exactly What I Said Last Night

Tories; short of memory. Big on hypocrisy.


I kinda knew this post would rankle with a few (despite my obvious No Tory Zone stance on this blog!) so I feel I need to elaborate just what I feel about this situation, why I feel attacking Cameron on such a matter is right, even though he as a person may not be responsible for some of the allegations currently on the net.....

Now, it's worth saying (perhaps just for the lawyers sake! haha) that there is no actual proof that, aged 19, Cameron was linked to the extreme FCS who produced these posters (unlike say John Bercow, then head of FCS, and Michael Gove) but he did go on to join the party that considered such views (because let's face it these were not just the extreme views of the FCS; Thatcher herself branded Mandela a terrorist and continued to acknowledge SA, Teddy Taylor was all for capital punishment of Mandela and Larry Lamb was vociferously against his release) is still something I cannot get my head around. Just how, why do you idealogically align yourself to a party who has/have such views?

So the questions is, is there complicity in joining such a party of dubious beliefs? I would think so yes, and it was further proved by the extremely dodgy all expenses paid trip (paid by a pro apartheid lobby firm) anti sanctions fact finding mission to SA in 89 that Cameron went on. He's since apologised for his parties actions and attitudes yes, but that itself led to old Bernie Ingham suggesting Cameron was betraying the party!

The Twitter responses I've copied here are rightly challenging the attitudes of a party Cameron heads that they'd rather like us all to forget. That tweet may be morally and factually wrong to imply he was personally involved with thr FCS (but then are they? Are they referring to 'you' as in your party? Or you as in Cameron himself?) but in pointing out the past they are rightly reminding others of just what attitudes the Tories had/have, and how hypocritical they are - which is what I said in this post all along.

To that end I think what a lot of the critical voices are doing on Twitter (the one I've copied here being just one example) right now is a bit of a John Ford; "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend"

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