Sunday, 22 December 2013

All They Want For Xmas Is A Fair Wage

It's the time of year where we all find ourselves shopping online and purchasing from Amazon UK. But do we ever actually give a moment's thought to the people who pick and pack our orders for distribution? They're not Santa's elves, they're real people, and this year Amazon has taken on nearly 15,000 extra agency staff to deal with this, the busiest time of year.

But I'm saddened to hear they are treated shoddily. Whilst they make Christmas for us, many of them cannot even afford the bare essentials from their hard day's work because they're not paid the living wage. They're paid the minimum wage, or just above it, but the multinational could well afford to pay the living wage - it's especially grating when you consider their tax debacle.

Amazon also operate a sack if you're sick policy that sees you turfed out if you take 3 sick breaks in a 3 month period, 15 minute breaks that commence wherever you are in the giant warehouse, 10 hour days, compulsory overtime, monitoring and timing of toilet breaks, half a point if you're 1 minute late - and 3 points and you're out and a performance console that tracks and logs worker activities so they can be 'released' if they're considered too slow.

Don't get me wrong, none of this is unusual across many employers in this country, but this is Christmas and this company is at its busiest. With that in mind, have started a petition to get these facts out there to the public and make Amazon an example. Please consider signing it HERE

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